FAQ 2020

  1.  Are you open?  Yes!  We have a large, properly-spaced outdoor seating area.
  2. Are you still accepting members?  Yes!  Our members literally own this business and you are welcome to be one of them as long as you are 21+ years of age, not in law enforcement, and not involved in another business that serves or distributes alcohol (although other microbrewery owners are actually ok to become members due to the licenses being in the same “tier”).
  3. Is the mug club still available?  Yes!  But the mug club is currently limited to the glass logo mug only.  Stop in to sign up or for more information.
  4. Are you still selling preferred shares?  Although the offering is not closed, we are not currently selling them although we may again in the future.  You never know what plans or dreams the Marquette Brewing Cooperative is cooking up.  Stay tuned!
  5. Do you allow carry-in food?  We encourage it!
  6. Are children welcome?  Yes, we are a child-friendly business and we have a variety of non-alcoholic beverages for kids.  We do expect all guests to observe the safety rules: wear a mask when inside or when away from your own table, observe 6 ft spacing, use sanitizer, etc.
  7. Can we sit inside?  Current state law does not allow us to have inside seating.  We will let you know when that changes.
  8. Are you open to the public?  Of course!  We are a public business, owned by our members but open to everyone!