New Board Members!

Thanks to everyone who came to the first membership meeting.  About 1/3 of the membership were in attendance.  It was great to meet you all.  Some good questions were asked and answered, we shared some tasty beer, and we have three new board members to help guide us on our journey to producing great craft beer professionally for our community. The voting results are:

Paul Wright – 30 votes
Chris Holm – 29 votes
Jim Suksi – 29 votes

Welcome Paul, Chris, and Jim to the board, and thank you for serving!

Board of Director Openings

MEMBERS: We have openings on our board of directors. This would be a great way to get involved in the Marquette Brewing Cooperative, help build something great, and ultimately serve the community (while drinking beer!) We will elect up to three new board members at our General Membership Meeting on March 20th. If you are a member, please consider serving on our board. It is an exciting time, as over two years of planning is finally coming to fruition with over 100 members, our location chosen, and the chance in the very near future to design and build our brewery and taproom. We meet monthly on the first Wednesday of each month. Interested candidates will give a short introductory talk at our general membership meeting and we will hold an election at the same meeting. New board members will be announced on March 21st, and will take office and begin serving on the board of directors at the April Board meeting, April 5th.

First Annual Membership Meeting!


Our First Annual Membership Meeting is on the Spring Solstice, Monday, March 20th at 6:30pm at the Masonic Building in the Ballroom.

Anyone who has purchased a membership prior to the meeting is invited.   Meet the board, meet one another, get your questions answered, and voice your opinions.  This is YOUR brewery!


Imagine walking into your very own micro-brewery and always having something exciting on tap that suits your taste.  Whether you like ales or lagers, dark beers, light beers, fruit beers, or hoppy beers, the cooperative structure ensures that the preferences of member-owners like you will be met. A profound difference of the cooperative business model is that there is no “us” (the consumers) and “them” (the owners).  There is only “us,” the cooperative owner/members, and “we” decide how the cooperative can best meet “our” needs.  Once our taproom doors are open, you can walk into YOUR taproom and enjoy beer brewed by YOUR very own business.

Ready to find out more?