Office hours at your brewery

Our Capital Campaign is still going strong.  We have made some progress, but we have more work to do before our build-out can begin.  We’ve heard from many of you who couldn’t make our original event on May 12th, so we have decided to have a weekly office hour every Tuesday from 7-8 PM at the future brewery.
Preferred memberships are a way for you to invest in an exciting local business and earn a generous return on your investment.  For the cooperative, it is a way to borrow money from our owners rather than from a bank, so we can fund OUR brewery using OUR own funds.
Our Tuesday office hours are not just for investors though!  It’s a great time for members and non-members alike to come down, hang out, meet the board, trade ideas with us, let us know your opinions, and of course, sample some beer!  We’ll always have some responsible sampling going on.
Members, feel free to bring a friend or someone who is not a member yet.  This is a great chance to sign up some new members too!
We’d love to spend some time with you, so put Tuesdays from 7-8 on your calendar and come on down to your brewery.  We’ll see you there!
Marquette Brewing Cooperative Board of Directors