About Us

The Marquette Brewing Cooperative, Inc. is a grassroots effort on the part of homebrewers and craft beer lovers in the Marquette area to create a cooperatively-owned microbrewery and taproom in order to meet the needs of its member/owners.  Specifically, the cooperative will provide the following benefits to its members and to the public:

  • a much greater variety of craft beer choices than is currently available anywhere in the area
  • education about beer styles, beer history, beer tasting, and beer brewing through:
    • Workshops and seminars
    • “Brew-your-own” events
    • Tastings
      • Tasting/listening events
      • Tasting/brewing events
      • Beer/food pairings
      • Off-flavor seminars
    • Meet the Brewer events
    • Brew with a Pro events

This cooperative aims to redefine the craft brew industry and its relationship to the public in the Marquette area and beyond.  The cooperative structure of our business will allow customers to become much more deeply involved in all aspects of beer culture than is currently possible anywhere in Michigan.  Our customers will be more than consumers; they will have the chance to become owners of the business, learn about beer styles, beer appreciation, and the craft of brewing, and ultimately become brewers themselves and see their beers served on the menu.  

The idea originated in a shared dream on the part of several local home brewers.  Having participated in the craft beer culture throughout Michigan, nationwide, and internationally, we knew there were some significant gaps in the craft beer experience currently available in the Marquette area.  The cooperative is the perfect way to fill these gaps, providing not only a wider variety of choices, but also education, outreach, and a deep, welcoming community connection.  Indeed, our patrons will actually be the owners of the business, and the very structure of our membership will provide them with rich, immersive educational experiences in all aspects of craft beer through workshops, tastings, seminars, demonstrations, and “brew-your-own beer” events.

Craft beer is a passion for all of us, not just a job.  We have a strong and dedicated core of competent brewers who are ready to provide the Marquette community with a much more diverse and holistic craft beer experience than is now available.  

Your Board of Directors


David Gill


Sean Rooney


Brian Talus


Paul Wright


Bill Milman


Mark Hayes


Andy White


Mindey Talus